Are you a creative, professional woman over 35 who

  • feels overwhelmed and bombarded by all the diet and nutrition information out there?
  • lives with debilitating PMS and menstrual cycles? 
  • never seems to have enough energy or motivation to get through the day? 
  • doesn't feel as creative, desirable, or in the mood for sex like you did in your twenties? 
  • is trying to conceive for the first time? 
  • is nearing the end of your pregnancy and haven't given much thought to your self-care and support system postpartum? 
  • has been missing out on the intimacy and connection that happens when women come together and support each other fully and unapologetically? 
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, keep reading! 

Hello Darling! I'm Melissa Danielle. As an Integrative Nutrition & Women's Health Coach, I support women over 35 in the areas of hormone and pelvic health, conception, and postpartum. 

Healthy is a journey, not a destination. Much of how we've been conditioned to think about food and healthy living revolves around dieting, deprivation, and willpower.

Those days are over.

The old models are crumbling and we have to have the courage to build new ones from the rubble. This requires a shift in our thinking about what's possible and real for us if we want to have all the happiness and abundance we desire. 

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